Chaman Bahar Movie Review, Cast, plot and ratings by filmydarpan.

Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Ritika Badiani, Alam Khan

Director: Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann

Rating: 3.5/5

Release date : 19/06/2020

Very Talented actor Jitendra Kumar’s new film Chaman Bahar sees him as an ambitious pan-seller who wants to be known by everyone in his city. He falls in love with a school girl without meeting her.

A film about an ambitious pan-seller, Billu who wants to be known by everyone in the town, finds out that the pan-shop he started with very high expectations now falls in a redundant area of town. He is now dejected because he left his inherited post as a forest guard for this, and hangs a calendar with the image of Maa Laxmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth in his shop, only to spot his real-life Laxmi moments later. A wealthy family moves in the house opposite his shop, and the daughter, Rinku catches his eye immediately.

Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann, who has also written the screenplay of the film, tries to put in various layers to this “love story.” He talks about poverty, poor people being political pawns, cancer, police brutality and harassment. For you to actually get a taste of this amalgamation, you need to have patience. There are also quick sequences that might not mean much, but are really witty in hindsight. It is a film based on clever writing.

Chaman Bahar is quite an entertaining watch if you want to watch something funny yet heartfelt. You cannot expect a lot of political correctness or female empowerment in it, but that is exactly how it is like to be a woman in India.


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