Legendary Producer Anand Pandit Celebrates his Birthday Eve with School Children


For an experienced producer, Anand Pandit is known as the producer with a golden touch in the industry. But Anand is the creator who understands the game of numbers. It is equally important to do the things that provide him mental peace over time. He has mastered this.

He celebrates his birthday every year with school children. This time also, on birthday Eve, he sponsored 2,000 children with an educational expression. Also paid their fees in school. They do this often in municipal schools.

Anand Pandit visits a new school every year on his birthday and celebrates his birthday by cutting cakes with school children, besides distributing gifts. This year he went to Juhu Tara Road Municipal School in Mumbai and spent time for students. The children also received school kits from the manufacturer and this doubled their happiness.

@via Team Ranjan


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