Love Aaj Kal: Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan’s romantic drama LEAKED by ‘Tamilrockers’

Can you believe, Tamilrockers leaks Love Aaj Kal Full movie online. The Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan starrer movie which is a romantic drama by Imtiaz Ali have been leaked by the piracy website already and can be downloaded on the Torrents site. TamilRockers is a site known notoriously for leaking film within hours of its release and that what has happened with the much anticipated SarTik’s Valentine’s Day release, Love Aaj Kal. It would be just a couple of hours that the movie is out on silver screens

They don’t have any fear of the law. Having repeated banned, they continue to do what they have been doing, leaking films, affecting the business. Piracy is a crime for which one can even go to jail. Tamilrockers are smart enough to have evaded the government so far. With the availability of websites that promote piracy which is in thousands, these notorious TamilRockers leak every single movie that releases in theatres, come what day, come what genre, language, region. Right from Hollywood, Bollywood to Tollywood and other Indian language films, Tamilrockers are the first ones to leak them online.

Coming back to Love Aaj Kal, apart from Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan, the film also stars Randeep Hooda and Arushi Sharma in key roles. You may feel confused at some of the plot elements that unfold, but there’s enough curiosity, too, to be vested enough to know what comes later. Pur in-house critic, Russel D’Silva gave the movie one and a half stars and wrote, “The first half, while not that good or wholly enjoyable, at least has more than a few telling moments. Sara Ali Khan plays an admirable foil in a shower part to that of her hero even if she goes overboard in a few instances while Randeep Hooda is also effective in a supporting role to his younger costars. Furthermore, regardless where the film holds or dips, Kartik Aaryan is in top form, nailing both his roles (despite Raghu being so poorly defined), and proving to one and all (or at least those who haven’t heard of his little known gem, Akaash Vani) that his talent lies far beyond than only excelling at comedy. Technically, Love Aaj Kal has been shot quite well by Amit Roy and Aarti Bajaj edits it as well as she can, given the substandard content and lackluster direction she’s saddled with.”



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