Nora Fatehi: 5 things she REVEALED about her struggling days, Got Bullied !!

Nora Fatehi rising sensation in the country and a nationwide crush in her own rights. However, the actress’ journey before her rise to fame has not been easy.

Nora Fatehi’s revelations about her struggling days

From being a waitress to working at a men’s clothing store and selling lottery tickets, she has done it all! Nora Fatehi’s hard work is a true inspiration. Since the past couple of years, with her impeccable dance moves and gorgeous beauty, she has made a mark in this industry and has created a niche for herself. A few years ago, Nora Fatehi was a name unknown to everybody. She came in the spotlight during her stint in Bigg Boss 9 and rose to fame with her sizzling performance in the song Dilbar. Nora Fatehi said in an interview, “There was a time when I used to be bullied for my dance at school. People used to laugh at me and say that I didn’t know how to dance,” Would you believe this ultimate dance queen was actually mocked for it in school? However, tables have turned and the actress has delivered some splendid performances in songs like Dilbar, Kamariya, Ek Kum Zindagani, O Saki Saki and more. The actress was recently praised for her brilliant performance in Remo D’Souza’s directorial Street Dancer 3D co-starring Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. She has also starred in Batla House co-starring John Abraham. Nora is also a beauty queen and stuns every time she makes an appearance. However, the journey to fame has been a bumpy ride for the actress and she is a self-made star in all rights. Check out her struggles before becoming the nationwide crush which will leave you stunned.

First job at the age of 16

On Komal Nahta’s chat show Starry Nights Gen Y, she said that she has been working since she was in high school. Speaking about it, the actress revealed “My first-ever job was as a retail sales associate in a mall which was right next to my high school so I would finish my classes and go there. I was 16. I had to work for many reasons. There were a lot of financial issues in my family and I was supposed to be the one that would step up and be the breadwinner,”

Taking up odd jobs

“I was working in a men’s clothing store so I was selling suits, putting outfits together and all that. After that, I did numerous things. I worked as a waitress in restaurants, bars and shawarma places. I worked in a telemarketing office, cold calling people and selling lottery tickets. ‘Hi, ma’am, do you want to buy this ticket?’ and 90 per cent of the time, they were like (imitates sound of phone hanging up). I worked on commission, I worked in McDonalds once. I did everything,” Street Dancer 3D actress revealed on the chat show.

The treatment to a foreigner in this industry

During a conversation with a Pinkvilla, she opened up about the life for foreigners who try to make it big here. She said, “I remember my first agency who got me here from Canada. They were really aggressive in terms of behaviour and I didn’t feel like I was guided the right way. So I wanted to leave them and in order to do that, they told me ‘ we are not going to give you your money’ And I lost 20 lakhs at that time, which I had made from my ad campaigns. But I thought sacrificing it would be better for a bigger picture.”

Sharing an apartment with 8 girls

“I had to share an apartment with 8 girls. I walked in to this apartment, I was shocked and I was freaking out. My roommates stole my passport, I had to leave India and go back to Canada for a while,” the actress revealed while talking about her days of struggle.

Getting bullied for her accent

Nora Fatehi was also bullied for her accent by many. Speaking about it she said, “I started learning Hindi but the auditions were very traumatic for me. I wasn’t really mentally prepared and I made a fool of myself. People were really unforgiving.They wouldn’t just be mean, they would laugh in front of my face as if I’m some circus. They would bully me. It was humiliating. I used to cry while travelling back to my home. There was this one casting agent who once told me, ‘We don’t need you here. Go back’. I’ll never forget that,”


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